The placement of new Tenants

Application For Tenancy – Rental Application

  • Conducting all reference checks and review of application forms
  • Preparing all Tenant documentation
  • Conducting all required property inspections
  • Collecting rents and security deposits, issuing notices of non-payment when appropriate, filing for arbitration when necessary, conducting arbitration hearings
  • Ensuring Tenant move-out documentation compliance and payout of security deposits as required
  • Establishing Tenant retention program

Maintenance Services

  • Conducting annual site inspections, providing reports to Owners together with recommendations for replacement/repair
  • Obtaining estimates from contractors and/or engineering reports according to requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining a maintenance, Boiler and Fire System log for each property as required
  • Provision of 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency contact number for Owners and Tenants
  • In-house charge-out rates range from $35 to $65 per hour

Administrative Services

  • We have a full complement of state-of-the-art office equipment including high-speed internet to enable electronic filing of statements and reports and 24 hour phone monitoring services
  • The head office is staffed with 2 licensed Strata and Property Managers, the maintenance manager, accounting manager, accounts payable manager, collections manager, receptionists, clerical support, as well as a full maintenance staff.
  • Trust accounts are set up for each Owner as beneficiary so all interest accrues to the benefit of the Owner.
  • We prepare custom-designed service contracts for each Owner.

Strata Management

At Li-Car Management Group we provide full Strata Management services. Since 1990, our team of professionals have managed more than 50 Strata properties. Our commitment to becoming experts in the area of Strata Management has helped our company become a leader in this field.

We offer two levels of service for Strata Management:

  1. Full Service Agreement
    1. Setting up Master Strata Council books
    2. Attending both Strata Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting, reporting to all members
    3. Assisting in preparation of annual budgets
    4. Collection of Strata fees
    5. Full accounting and financial reporting
    6. Assisting in the development of depreciation reports
    7. Setting up maintenance logs
  2. Limited Services Agreement

The limited service agreement is almost identical to the full service agreement; the only exclusion is the attendance at the Strata Council meetings. Attendance at the Annual General meeting is still included.

Receivership Appointments

We have many years of experience in managing properties in receivership for lenders who have come to rely on our integrity and professionalism.